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Seafood Expo North America

Findus enters the US-market – Introduces range of high-quality convenience
fish products at the Boston Seafood Expo 2018

Findus i samarbete med Walmart

Från och med februari kommer svenska Findus finnas i frysdiskarna hos Walmart i Kanada. Ett stort genombrott på en viktig exportmarknad för Findus, Walmart anses vara världens största företag med verksamhet i 28 länder.

Summary of Findus Pea Crop 2013!

Last Friday, 16th of August we harvested our last peas for this season. The sowing was planned for 55 harvesting days and we harvested 54. The total yield was 35 000 tons, slightly below the planned volume.


Findus 2013 pea season has started

Today, the 23th of June, our Pea crop has started. From 27th of March until 8th of June we have sown 8500 hectares of peas by 500 different farmers. All will be harvest in the coming 8-9 weeks. All fields are located close to our factory in Bjuv to ensure that all peas will be frozen within 3 hours from harvesting.

100% sustainable MSC-labeled fish

We at Findus want it to be fish left in the oceans in the future, therefore, we are actively working with the MSC, Marine Stewardship Counsil to ensure that future generations can eat fish for dinner.