Forever Food Together

Our Sustainability Programme


Findus is passionate about providing our consumers tasty and nutritious food that is responsibly sourced and prepared – and our aim is to do this forever. We secure this through Forever Food Together, a European-wide sustainability initiative consisting of three goals.

Goal 1: We work to maximise food resources so that our consumers have nutritious food to eat forever

This is our overarching CSR response to the challenges of maximizing food resources in order to meet the needs of population growth, the impacts of climate change and the significant levels of food waste that exist in our world. Independent studies support the fact that frozen food provides more sustainable food choices to consumers as the unnecessary food waste decreases. Our products can help to maximize food resources across the supply chain and into the home due to inherently longer shelf life, year round seasonality and flexible portion control.

Goal 2: We innovate to help consumers make healthier meal choices

We recognise the need to meet the challenges of the global obesity epidemic and want to provide our consumers with food that is tasty and good for them. For this reason, we have an active innovation programme to further improve the ability of our food to offer our consumers healthier meal choices. We do this via a unique Nutrient Profiling Tool, designed by independent experts.

Goal 3: We work to ensure that our food is Responsibly Sourced and Prepared

We are committed to maintaining best practices in responsible sourcing and preparing in accordance with international industry standards. Our responsible sourcing program covers all raw materials and ingredients as well as the preparation of our food. We take pride in having pioneered more sustainable wild capture fisheries for nearly two decades. Findus introduced MSC to the Swedish market already in 2003 and today almost all of our wild caught fish is MSC certified. MSC is the world’s most recognized standard for sustainable wild-caught seafood.