Summary of Findus Pea Crop 2013!

Last Friday, 16th of August we harvested our last peas for this season. The sowing was planned for 55 harvesting days and we harvested 54. The total yield was 35 000 tons, slightly below the planned volume.

The spring season during the sowing period was good and the harvest started 23rd of June, quite normal. The first weeks we had temperature below normal and that resulted in yields below plan. In July the temperature increased a lot and we got hardly any rain in July. We have to bypass some fields because of too many matured fields.

In August the temperature decreased and it started to rain. This resulted in increased yields and no more by-passing. Finally we ended up in an output of 90-95% of the different qualities.

The pea season 2013 has been a season with ups and downs or with wine and water, but in total we are satisfied. The color and the taste of the peas are excellent. High sweetness and no off-flavour. The new pea harvesters with tracks and the new flow freezer performed really well.
Now we are planning to start the carrot season in the end of August. In the program we have orange, yellow and rainbow carrots and new for this year is yellow beet.

In September we start the soil sampling for next years pea field. The soils will be tested in Findus glass-houses during the autumn.

Enar Magnusson
Senior Adviser Agriculture