Seafood Expo North America

Press Release

Findus enters the US-market – Introduces range of high-quality convenience
fish products at the Boston Seafood Expo 2018

Having been established on the Canadian market since 2016, Findus is now looking to enter the US-market and so extend its presence in North America. Findus will be present at the Boston Seafood Expo on 11-13 March, where it will introduce its new Italian seafood pasta sauces, as well as other items from the company’s range of European high-quality convenience fish products.

Findus line of frozen fish products have been well-received on the Canadian market. The company’s products are listed at Metro, Sobeys and Costco and are free from additives, artificial colouring and preservatives.

During the Boston Seafood Expo 2018, Findus will be presenting its range of premium value-added frozen fish products and demonstrate its commitment to convenient, healthy, great tasting food. Particular attention will be given to the company’s new Italian seafood pasta sauces and Steam Delicious Cod Loins.

— Canadian consumers enjoy Findus products and we have been able to grow our presence in Canada during the past years. We believe that a major reason for this is the unrivalled quality of our products and that they are convenient and easy to enjoy. This is especially true for our Italian pasta sauces with fresh frozen seafood from Italy and Steam Delicious Cod Loins with its unique steam bag that provides a healthy dinner in four minutes, says Harald Guimarães – Export Director at Findus.

This is the second year Findus will attend the Boston Seafood Expo, North America’s largest seafood exposition. As one of the strongest frozen food brands in Europe, Findus now seeks to enter the US-market and in so doing further establish its presence in North America.

— Findus is all about making healthy, delicious food accessible and affordable and we believe that this suits the US-market very well. According to our market research, there is a very high potential for Findus fish products on both the East and West coasts of the USA. Among our products, we are presenting “Jamie Oliver by Findus”, which is a concept we have developed together with the well-known British chef to help consumers eat more fish with only natural ingredients and without any additives, says Harald Guimarães.

Findus is part of Nomad Foods Europe, the largest frozen foods producer in Europe with a turnover of + 2 billion USD. Nomad Foods employs over 4 300 people in 15 countries and 10 factories and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange since January 2016. Company headquarters are located in Feltham, UK.

Sustainability and responsibly sourced food are key commitments to Findus and to the whole of Nomad Foods. Findus uses the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard as an independent assessment that all fisheries meet the internationally agreed principles of Responsible Fisheries Management and to certify full traceability to prove the provenance of the fish. Nomad Foods is currently the largest adopter of the MSC-standard across Europe.

For more information, please contact:
Harald Guimarães, Export Director at Findus, Mobile:  +31 (0) 6 538 107 17

If you visit the Boston Seafood Expo North America,
you will find Findus at booth number #2917.