Findus 2013 pea season has started

Today, the 23th of June, our Pea crop has started. From 27th of March until 8th of June we have sown 8500 hectares of peas by 500 different farmers. All will be harvest in the coming 8-9 weeks. All fields are located close to our factory in Bjuv to ensure that all peas will be frozen within 3 hours from harvesting.

In 2013, we maintain focus on our continuous improvement efforts under the Findus LISA-concept (Low Input Sustainable Agriculture). This includes:

  1. 100% of our pea farmers and Findus Agricultural Department have fulfilled the program for 3rd party climate certification according to the standard of “Svenskt Sigill”.
  2. Increased use of seed treatment with natural bacteria leading to a reduction of chemical treatments.
  3. Increased acreage of disease-resistant varieties from Findus own pea breeding.

The weather during the spring has been very favorable for the peas with good temperature and adequate rainfall. We are looking for- ward to a promising pea season.


Enar Magnusson
Senior Adviser Agriculture