To offer the very best in frozen food

Quality is fundamental to our approach to producing superior foods in a safe and responsible way for our customers and consumers. We take every possible care and apply the very latest best practice to ensure that our products are safe and delicious for all.


Caring for the future

Our overall aim is to operate in a responsible way that meets the needs of people and business, without compromising the needs of future generations. In our drive for sustainability, we focus on three core areas:



Fish for Life

Being fish experts we believe it is our duty to make an active contribution towards long-term seafood sustainability. This is why we developed our ‘Fish for Life’TM approach. ‘Fish for Life’ commits us to source all our fish responsibly and drives us to work actively with our supply partners to support projects which contribute to long term seafood sustainability.



Sustainable Agriculture

Findus is a major European producer of frozen vegetables, and has developed a unique method of sustainable vegetable production called LISA (Low Impact Sustainable Agriculture). LISA has been shown to result in a much lower impact on climate and environment, sustainable agriculture and the production of great tasting vegetables.



Good Nutrition

As a major food producer, we have a significant responsibility for nutrition and an important role in promoting wellbeing for our consumers. This means that we only use natural colouring, flavourings and sweeteners.