How it started


1892 – Johan Throne Holst bought the Norweigan chocolate factory Freia

1903 – Karl-Axel Thulin founded a company called Fruktvin & Likörfabriken (Fruit wine and liqueur)

1916 – Marabou was established, Henning Throne Holst (Johan's son) was the head of the company

1920 - Fruktvin & Likörfabriken > Findus (FruktINDUStrin)

1941 - Henning Throne Holst and Lars Anderfeldt bought Fruktvin & Likörfabriken (The start of Findus)

1945 – Frozen berries and vegetables were introduced and started to be sold in Stockholm in 1946, in about 60 shops

1947 – The company changed name to Findus (FruktINDUStrin)

1957 – All time high for Findus. Higher turnover than Marabou.

1960 – Kärnan, a factory in Helsingborg was bought and Findus began to produce deep frozen premade food

1962 – Findus was bought by Nestlé (Marabou owns 20%)

1973 – Wienerbagaren in Loftahammar was bought

1991 – Findus celebrated its half century anniversary

2000 – New Findus. EQT bought Findus and split up the company's deep frozen operations in Europe, and at the same time formed Findus Sverige AB

2000 – August 1th bought Frionor

2004 – Findus head quarter and Commercial Center - Malmö

2006 – Findus was bought by the investment company Cap Vest, one part of the Food Vest 

2007 – GRO factories i Norwegian was bought by Findus

2008 – Findus headquarters moving back to Bjuv

2009 – Food Vest changed name to Findus Group

2015 – Findus became part of Nomad Foods Europe