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Fresh Frozen Food

Top quality frozen food is as close to fresh you can come – and what’s

more it’s available all year round.


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Innovation brings opportunities

Our history gives us credibility, but key to our success has always been our continuing ambition to deliver high quality products and exciting new ideas to suit the need of our consumers.


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Quality is the key

Quality is fundamental to our approach to producing superior foods in a safe and responsible way for our customers.


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Seafood Expo North America

Findus enters the US-market – Introduces range of high-quality convenience
fish products at the Boston Seafood Expo 2018

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Findus i samarbete med Walmart

Från och med februari kommer svenska Findus finnas i frysdiskarna hos Walmart i Kanada. Ett stort genombrott på en viktig exportmarknad för Findus, Walmart anses vara världens största företag med verksamhet i 28 länder.

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